Thank you William for you kindest on our Big Day!

“William Moran is a marriage celebrant who goes beyond the contemporary stereotype. As an individual who has gone through and witnessed unique circumstances in life, love and relationships, he provides massive support to those who are brave enough to claim their love through marriage regardless of the circumstances they are in. Michael Hanson TV”

CJ and Michelle, A Love Child

“I really appreciate how thorough you are, & have been through everything. We had a wonderful ceremony and day, and you were a large part of that. I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone that asks”.

Brendan & Lipin 2018

“It was a pleasure having you as our Celebrant”.

Mark & Paul 2018

“We both wanted to say thanks so much foe being part of our day. It was so special & unique”.

Caitlin & Jayden 2017

“Thank you for giving us the honor of having you as our Celebrant for the day. We thoroughly enjoyed it, & everyone said it was such a beautiful ceremony. Thanks to you for putting on such a beautiful day. Love always!”

Terry & Gwendy 2018

Mark & I just wanted to say a big thank you!! You did an amazing job conducting our ceremony. It was everything we hoped for and more. We also wanted to thank you for the book you put together of the ceremony, and the lovely card. We can’t forget your help with all the lavender!! It turned out beautifully.”

Elisha & Mark 2017

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Finally, congratulations to you both. There are 365 days in a year, & 366 in a leap year. To see if I am available on your special day, please contact me.